The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

Friday, June 10, 2016




  1. Big News!
    13 Dec, 2016
    Big News!
    Hello all you Two Cent Fans! We would like to apologise for the radio silence in the last couple of weeks. We've been super busy with gigs and plans and things, but the regular blog should be getting up and running again soon. To say thanks for being so patient we would love for you to have a look at what the amazing people over at Canopy Films have put together for us. We now, finally and officially, have a PROMO VIDEO! Don't you just love it?! We do! And we would love it if you pass it on
  2. Time
    08 Nov, 2016
    Editors Note: This Blog post is now about 3 weeks overdue. After much calling and cajoling and eventual threatening our keyboard player has FINALLY produced the following entry. Ironically (or perhaps with great comedy aforethought), it is about time. Personally, I think it's a dig at me and an apology at the same....Time? So time is a thing... It’s a strange invention of humanity to try and make sense of how the world works. Wikipedia defines it as: ‘The indefinite continued progress of
  3. Motivations
    09 Oct, 2016
    Motivation is an interesting concept.  That idea of being a motivated person who likes to get things done or of being motivated to do something in particular such as getting fit, learning a language or making some change in your life.  Each of us has a different motivation for playing music and we get different rewards for doing so.  Here I explain my motivation for playing and why I think it’s important to understand what motivates you. Enjoyment. I love playing music and I’ve found such a
  4. Exposing Yourself
    24 Sep, 2016
    Exposing Yourself
    I don't think that this is going to be an original post. Exposure. God I hate that word. And what a word indeed! It implies a seedy-ness, a slightly unsavoury tinge of a word that could potentially lead to some sort of legal implications ("I'm sorry officer, I swear my pants slipped for only a second! It was an accident."). Frankly, it's an absolute bastard of a word and deserves to be cast out (Unless you're a photographer, in which case you have a whole different scheme of issues to deal
  5. Ten Cool Things About the Prequels
    18 Sep, 2016
    Ten Cool Things About the Prequels
    Yes the Star Wars prequels. Are there others? 1. Duel of fates. Easily the best piece of new music from these three films and in my top five tracks from the saga. It's up there with Lapti Nek (the movie version not the other version, and if you get that reference you're my kinda people). 2. Jango Fett. So the coolest bounty hunter in the universe has a dad. A Maori that kicks butt and has an excellent relationship with his son. Takes him to work and sporting events. I do miss Boba's Clint
  6. Finding the Soul
    13 Sep, 2016
    Finding the Soul
    For a lot of people buying new stuff is always a good time. I mean, how can it not be?! You have this new bright and shiny thing that only you have ever touched! It's clean, it's sterile, it's... ... Got no soul. That is why I hate buying new! instruments anyway. Now, this is more of a personal feeling, so don't yell at me for my point of view. My reasons wont always hold up, but hear me out! I buy second hand, used and vintage stuff for a few reasons and ill explain my thoughts
  7. Singing When Sick
    03 Sep, 2016
    Singing When Sick
    As a singer there is nothing worse than catching the dreaded flu before a gig, especially when you have to belt it out for three hours in front of a full brass section. Here's a list of tips and tricks that I have used to help the situation in the past: 1. Tea Tea is God. Be it plain black tea or more preferably a herbal infusion. The soothing properties will ease your sore throat, help clear your airways, and get your vocal chords moving freely - so long as it's milk free. My personal
  8. Let’s Talk About Passion
    29 Jul, 2016
    Let’s Talk About Passion
    Passion. It’s a concept that too often estranged from reality. It’s forced upon us in romantic settings by television, and manufactured by media for sporting idols. It has its true depth and value stripped by its ubiquitous use. What is its real worth though? Why is it relevant in our day-to-day lives? What does being passionate even feel like? To me, passion is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it is entwined with romance and love, but often it associates itself with an idea or activity. It
  9. Why You Should Own Vinyl Records
    22 Jul, 2016
    Why You Should Own Vinyl Records
    This week I finally got around to sorting and alphabetising all my vinyl records and I came to realise that; A) They take up a lot of space, and; B) They are way more expensive than CD’s. However, there is something about records that a CD just can’t replicate, and I would like to point out the advantages of collecting Vinyl Records. There is nothing like going to your local record store, digging through those old milk crates, and finding a piece of plastic wrapped gold. When you get home